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Transportation Benefits


Transportation Benefits




Headwinds from Every Direction

Transportation companies face a dizzying array of difficulties in today’s economy.

Carriers are having trouble attracting and retaining drivers, as new demands for skilled drivers has stressed the transportation industry.

Not only that, new regulations, tariffs, expenses, technology and more are creating headwinds for the freight industry and challenging the status quo.

And employee benefits are just another minefield for carriers. Groups feel a lack of control over costs and recognize that it’s a complicated area of their business. And they aren’t trying to become experts with what time they do have.

So why are benefits still being offered the same way?

Support Growth with Forward-Thinking Benefits

Organizations can support their own growth by wringing out the waste in health care, taking care of their employees, and offering better benefits that support theirĀ  retention.

The health care and benefits industry is incredibly fragmented and carriers and employees don’t have time to wait for it to figure things out.

Technology, communication, and data can create a more engaging experience for employees and a better financial and administrative experience for transportation companies.


Technology is changing every industry. So why are you enrolling in your health insurance with a pen and paper, why are your employees dealing with administrative headaches with your insurance carriers, and why aren’t you working with a broker who is making technology work for you?

That’s where we come in.

We’re striving to be the most tech-forward benefits advisor in the market.

This puts time back on your calendar and your employee’s calendars, so you can focus on your business and your employees can know their benefits are secure.


Carriers have enough to worry about in their day-to-day business without including ACA notice filings, COBRA administration, and the newest rules and regulations around their benefits.

As a technology-forward benefits broker, we streamline a carrier’s compliance with benefits regulations. We put the systems in place that let you run your business, without the fear of missed deadlines and filings.

The Right Plans at the Right Cost

The cost of health insurance has increased faster than wages for years now. Has your revenue increased like clockwork too?

It’s key for carriers that the cost of their benefits doesn’t crowd out other important business expenses and that premiums don’t continue to consume more and more of their employee’s paychecks.

Our industry-leading technology solutions and experience lets us inform and advise carriers on the most cost-effective benefits plans available.

You need healthy, productive employees. Your benefits should take care of them, not create health and financial headaches for them and their family.

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