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» Suicide Prevention in the Workplace

September 22, 2021

Behavioral Health, Digital Health, News

September is Suicide Prevention Month and World Suicide Prevention Day was recognized on September 10. The LBL Group is committed to helping our clients create save workplaces that support employees across the spectrum of health needs, including mental and behavioral health.

To this end, our consultant John Hansbrough was quoted by Going Digital: Behavioral Health Tech blog recently on suicide prevention efforts in the workplace. He previously spoke at the 2021 Going Digital: Behavioral Health Summit earlier this year.

You can see his comments in the post and a few highlights below.

“Leadership in the workplace is the single most important force multiplier when it comes to suicide awareness and prevention”

We can’t make a meaningful impact on employee’s mental and behavioral health if we don’t have buy-in from leaders in the workplace. Leaders can’t just sign off on a program; they need to be champions for it and be authentic in communicating the need for the program to employees. Stigma continues to be one of the most significant headwinds to suicide prevention and leaders can change this narrative in their organization.

“80 percent of those who die by suicide are in their working-age years”

Workplace stress such as job strain and a lack of connection with peers can increase the risk of suicide. Since we already support organizations in the design and communication of their health plan, it’s natural for us to then support organizations with their suicide prevention efforts.

Employers have a unique opportunity to prevent, intervene, and respond to signs of distress and suicide risk. Our role is to help employers reduce risks and make resources available to their team.

We want to know about how our health plan and benefits can create a healthier workforce with accessible mental and behavioral health resources

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