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Employee Benefits



The LBL Group Difference

The LBL Group can provide state-of-the-art tools and a host of other solutions that can boost your benefits and bolster your bottom line. Because we are a national organization, The LBL Group creates unique benefit packages for companies that have locations in multiple states and can help employers who are relocating or expanding.

We take pride in the work we do every day by providing a full-service approach to all aspects of employee benefits consulting. Our array of global services includes health plan risk management, employee benefits, Medicare and long-term care planning, disability, life and health, as well as other insurance, investment and wealth management services. We understand the importance of cost-effective health coverage and believe healthcare is an essential, strategic asset in today’s competitive environment. Our goal is to help our clients take C.A.R.E. of the people essential to their success by providing affordable and accessible healthcare plans while ensuring the organization’s long-term goals are met.


Employee Advocacy

Dedicated support you can rely on.

The LBL Leadership Team along with the dedicated Account Management Team and Employee Resource Center provides direct support for claims and billing issues, provider access problems and any other general healthcare questions your employees may encounter.

Claims Resolution with Preferential Access – due to the sheer volume and preferred status with the insurance carriers across the benefits industry, our clients typically receive preferential treatment and executive-level access with even the most difficult claims and billing audit challenges.


Voluntary Benefits

Through the Essential C.A.R.E. Process, voluntary benefits (which are paid by the employee, not the employer) are designed to provide your employees with flexible protection to help meet a variety of needs throughout their lifetime. By providing cash benefits directly to the insured and their family, voluntary benefits enable the employees you care about to experience financial peace of mind when emergencies arise.

Our Expertise Includes:

  • Helping employees understand the value of benefits offered by their employer
  • Simple, easy to start and maintain administration with ongoing support for employees only a phone call away
  • Ongoing support for human resources and benefit administration

The LBL Group utilizes a series of steps to build a reliable client strategy that creates unique solutions for the future.


Our unique analysis model provides health care data integration, analytics and solutions. The power of this model comes from its ability to capture medical data. Rather than just depending on eligibility, prescription and medical datasets, this solution adds vision, health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs), biometric and lab data into its analysis. The result: a threefold greater accuracy in predicting next year’s health care cost drivers.


Communications and Enrollment

Our Benefit Communications bundle is a flexible program designed to help employee make the best benefit decisions, through assisting them with understand the value of their benefits along with important features, tools and services. Improving your employees’ understanding of how to use all of their benefits is the value of good communication and enrollment. This value-added concept provides a wide variety of solutions tailored to specific employer needs in a variety of media.

The LBL Group’s Team of knowledgeable account managers are available to assist with any benefit questions or concerns. Our services include annual Open Enrollment meetings, a bilingual benefits staff and company branded benefits packages created by our in-house graphic designer to ensure your employees understand their benefits.


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