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Join me on Thursday April 28th for my next webinar titled "How to Make Benefits a Competitive Advantage"

If we don’t improve our benefits, we won’t be in business in five years

– CEO of multi-national air transport company

Make benefits your competitive advantage

Businesses today are under numerous pressures. On-going supply-chain issues, cybersecurity, disruption, inflation, and resignations are all posing challenges to the status quo.

Beyond these issues, businesses must also grapple with the fact that many employer-sponsored health plans are on an unsustainable trajectory. Costs are increasing faster than wages, benefits are being cut and deductibles are going up. This is a recipe for disaster for many companies and their employees.

The good news is that solutions already exist. Traditionally, only the largest employers have had access to the tools and strategies that can fix employer healthcare. However, recent innovations have made these previously unavailable strategies a real option for small and mid-sized employers.

Employers can turn benefits into their competitive advantage once they obtain Control and Transparency around their plans. We can reverse health insurance increases, reduce current spending, and free up cash flow for the SMB organization.

If this strikes a chord with you, let’s talk!

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Benefits that deliver more and cost less

Employers don’t have to deduct more money from paychecks, increase deductibles, or absorb premium increases every year.

And employees don’t have to deal with high deductibles, narrow networks, and uncoordinated care.

Simpler health plans put money back in employee paychecks, improve their health, and cost employers less by emphasizing transparency and value.

It’s clear that our decision to partner with LBL was the right one

– Director of HR, leading global investment management firm

Fight Back Against the Healthcare Cost Crisis

My Why is simple: To improve the quality of life of those we serve through healthcare and financial strategies.

With the U.S. spending nearly $4 trillion on healthcare, there is plenty to do.

We currently pay more than anyone else in the world for outcomes worse than most other developed countries.

The average American family is spending more and more on health insurance every year, with the threat of medical debt induced bankruptcy still threatening most of them.

It’s estimated that 30% of our healthcare spending is on waste.


There are too many reasons to list. But poorly designed and administered benefits plans come up again and again.

So to fix this, I help companies create best-in-class benefits.

I show organizations how to create data-driven approaches to population health management and healthcare strategy to create better benefits, at lower costs. And I love to see my clients use their improved benefits platform to support their business as they fulfill their unique purpose.

Ask me how a Strategic Healthcare Plan might benefit your company!

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