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» Why You Should Integrate your Payroll and Benefits Administration System

January 23, 2023

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I’m onboarding a new client this month and what is the single biggest issue they have when it comes to benefits?

Administrative Overload

Here’s what I mean by that.

For every new hire, their HR administrator prepares a custom Word doc with payroll rates based on the hire’s age, sends that to the employee, and then collects enrollment paperwork to file with the carrier. She then has to check up on them to make sure the employee gets enrolled correctly.

She sometimes does this 5 or more times a month, on top of handling terminations with carriers and more. Benefits has taken up a large percentage of her time, distracting her from projects and tasks which could further grow the business.

It’s 2023, manual benefits administration is a waste of her time

Your onboarding process is a reflection of your organization. If you don’t walk employees through a great onboarding in their first few weeks, it can be nearly impossible to overcome and they’ll be more likely to be dissatisfied with your company and leave for another job.

Benefits enrollment and the administrative process are key aspects of the onboarding process. And benefits administration is an area where we can typically save an employer five to 10 or more hours per month, besides avoiding the countless headaches and frustrations they encounter with incorrect enrollments and billing issues.

We install a benefits administration system for our clients to help them and also help us. Let’s focus on a part of that system today, which is Payroll Integrations.

Payroll Integration is when your benefits administration system has a file feed with your payroll vendor. Employee changes, adds, and terminations on the payroll system feed through automatically to your benefits administration system, and the data feed is often bidirectional.

What are the advantages of a Payroll Integration with your benefits administration system?

Eliminate Manual Entry: Run a more efficient human resources department by automating tedious manual enrollment tasks and processes

Offer Benefits like the Fortune 500: Clean up your onboarding process and offer a slick presentation of your benefits. If you’re worried about losing employees to larger competitors, let’s offer them a great benefits process so they stick around.

Get back to your business: You don’t show up every day in your business to deal with insurance carriers and bang your head against the wall with billing and enrollment issues. Let’s establish automated processes so you can focus on your core business. We’ll take care of the rest.

Besides the benefits above, why else should you use an online benefits administration system?

Automatic Enrollment Processing: Eliminate spreadsheets, PDFs, Word docs, and carrier systems. An online system will keep enrollments up to date and minimize the burden on you and your HR team for any manual processes you have.

Real-Time Sync: Changes in one system within your HR suite of tools can be reflected in your other systems. Let’s cut down on your duplicate work and get everything on the same page.

Cobra on Auto-Pilot: We automate your COBRA administration to reduce your liabilities by working with over 75+ integrated TPAs.

Let’s talk today about how we can put your benefits online and save you 5 to 10 or more hours per month

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