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» Integrate Employee Navigator with Payroll to Save 8-10 Hours a Month

April 13, 2021

Business Strategies

As benefits consultants, we’re always looking for ways to streamline our clients’ operations and systems. We’ve been big proponents for our clients to move from paper to online systems and seen firsthand the benefits of virtual administration of benefits.

Technology like this can be great… but at a certain point, employers can get overwhelmed with too many logins and duplicative data entry among multiple systems. They can find that they’ve inadvertently traded one cumbersome system for another.

Instead of logging into each system and entering variations of the same information, wouldn’t it be great if your systems could speak to each other?

What if you could reduce your redundant tasks, simplify your data entry, and reduce the errors that come from manually keying in data?

Enter Payroll Integrations with Employee Navigator

For some background, we use Employee Navigator to streamline benefits administration such as enrollments, terminations, and more for our client groups. It’s a powerful system and it makes a world of difference for thousands of small and medium-sized businesses throughout the country.

Our clients end up frequently logging in to Employee Navigator to download updated deduction reports, reworking the data, and uploading it to their payroll vendor every pay cycle whenever changes have occurred. And whenever an employee change happens, the HR administrator has to go into both systems and enter the same data in both places.

That’s not efficient, and it makes the system not nearly as helpful as we’d like!

To reduce this repetitive sequence of steps, we help our client groups connect their payroll with Employee Navigator, to get their systems speaking to one another.

Once we have a live integration between the two systems, data will be transferred from one to the other whenever a change is made. Not only does this reduce duplicate data entry in both systems, but it also reduces the chance for data errors that can lead to incorrect deductions, headaches, upset employees, and additional work.

Employee Navigator can integrate with many leading payroll providers today, including:

  • ADP
  • Coastal Payroll
  • Dominion
  • iSolved
  • Kronos
  • Paycor
  • Paylocity

And more!

How to Integrate Employee Navigator with your Payroll Vendor

If you want your payroll vendor to integrate with Employee Navigator, start a conversation with your consultants to discuss. There will typically be a set-up fee as well as an ongoing cost tied to your total number of employees. It may be a one-time $250 cost to set up the integration and a $0.50 per employee per month charge.

From our perspective, the cost is more than worth it when it can improve the accuracy of your data and save a few hours of work each month, at a minimum.

If you’re interested in learning more, contact one of our consultants today!

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