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» Healthcare Concierge Services 101

March 27, 2023

Human Resources, Primary Care, Self-Funding

Healthcare Concierge Services 101

A major issue in healthcare is the misalignment of interests and how cost does not always equal quality. At the LBL Group, we believe in affordable, easily accessible, and high quality healthcare for all, but how do we do that. A great solution is going self-funded and implementing a healthcare concierge service.


What is a Healthcare Concierge Service?

A healthcare concierge service is a personalized healthcare assistance program that offers individuals or organizations access to a range of healthcare services and resources. This type of service typically includes assistance with medical appointments, coordination of care among healthcare providers, assistance with insurance-related issues, and access to specialized medical services, such as wellness programs, personalized health coaching, and advanced medical treatments.


What is the goal of a Healthcare Concierge Service?

The goal of a healthcare concierge service is to provide individuals with convenient and personalized healthcare assistance, so they can receive the highest quality of care possible. Also, with these services, employees have access to care teams that guide them towards quality in-network providers, education about employee benefits, and a user-friendly, all-in-one platform for accessing benefits information. Healthcare concierge services are typically provided by specialized healthcare organizations or by healthcare providers who specialize in this type of service.


What to look for in Healthcare Concierge Services?

When evaluating healthcare concierge services, there are several qualities to consider. Here are some of the most important ones:

  1. Expertise and experience: Look for a healthcare concierge service provider with a proven track record of delivering high-quality services. The provider should have a team of experienced healthcare professionals with the knowledge and expertise needed to provide personalized assistance.
  2. Personalized service: The healthcare concierge service should offer personalized support tailored to the unique needs of each individual. This can include assistance with medical appointments, coordination of care, and access to specialized medical services.
  3. Accessibility: The healthcare concierge service should be easily accessible to employees, with multiple communication channels available for assistance. This can include phone, email, text, or online chat.
  4. Transparency: The healthcare concierge service should be transparent about the services offered and the associated costs. Employees should be provided with clear information about the services and costs involved before signing up for the service.
  5. Data security: The healthcare concierge service should have strong data security measures in place to protect employees’ personal and medical information. The provider should be compliant with all relevant regulations, such as HIPAA.
  6. Positive feedback from clients: Look for feedback from other companies or individuals who have used the healthcare concierge service. Positive feedback can be an indicator of high-quality service and satisfied clients.


Benefits of Healthcare Concierge Services:

  1. Increased productivity: When employees have access to personalized healthcare assistance, they are less likely to miss work due to medical appointments or health-related issues. This can result in increased productivity and reduced absenteeism.
  2. Improved employee satisfaction: Employees who have access to healthcare concierge services feel valued and supported by their employer. This can result in increased job satisfaction and a higher level of employee retention.
  3. Cost savings: Healthcare concierge services can help employees navigate the complex healthcare system and find cost-effective treatment options. This can result in lower healthcare costs for both employees and employers.
  4. Better health outcomes: Healthcare concierge services can help employees identify health risks and receive early interventions, which can lead to better health outcomes and a lower incidence of chronic disease.
  5. Access to specialized care: Healthcare concierge services can help employees access specialized medical services and treatments that may not be readily available through their regular healthcare provider.


While this is a lot of great information, something to keep in mind is that the LBL Group has already vetted great Concierge Services for you. By using our services we provide top of the line concierge services and we can get you a discounted rate by working with the captive we recommend.

For more information, please feel free to reach out and set up a meeting!

  • Eleanor Schroeder

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