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On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a pandemic. Governments, municipalities and employers are taking various measures to help contain the spread. To assist you, this page includes information regarding potential insurance coverage implications and additional resources to monitor this evolving situation.




To our valued customers and friends,

The LBL Group is doing everything we can to respond appropriately to this unprecedented situation with Covid-19. Today, we have offered work from home options to our employees. We have sent out an invitation to customers for a webinar that will touch upon (1) Exposure Control Plans, (2) Safety Training Tips, and (3) A Decision Tree for managing work comp exposures. And, we are doing everything we can to stay abreast of the information, ideas, and best practices to help our customers.

Virtually every industry has been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. We are getting calls daily regarding the interruption to business and the possibility of seeking remedy through various insurance policies. Business interruption is triggered when there is a covered loss and most carriers have a virus or bacteria exclusion in the policy form so unfortunately, coverage through an insurance policy is unlikely. That said, much will be learned as we navigate these uncharted waters. Your calls/inquiries are not only warranted but welcomed.

Media platforms of all kinds are inundating us with information. Sometimes, it’s difficult to discern the truth in all of it. Here at The LBL Group we are doing our best to stay calm, continue business, and support our customers and our employees the best way we can. We anticipate no interruption in services despite business being done a bit differently to accommodate some of the areas our lives are being affected. Since schools are shutting down for several weeks, you may hear a child or two in the background when we talk OR we may have to meet virtually instead of in person. All of this is for the overall good of our employees, our customers and our community. We have faith that this will pass quickly and hope that you and your teams and families stay healthy!


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The LBL Group is here to support you with helpful information during the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

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