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How to Respond to the UC Health & Anthem Contract Dispute

September 25, 2023

In what is a regular occurrence between health systems and insurance carriers, Anthem, Inc. and UC Health, including UCLA Health, have yet to reach a contract agreement for 2024. As things stand today, Anthem members would lose UC Health Systems as in-network providers effective January 1, 2024, including health systems such as: UC Los Angeles UC San Diego …

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The US Healthcare System

September 18, 2023

The United States spends significantly more on healthcare per person than any other country in the world, according to data from the World Economic Forum:   Healthcare Costs in 2021 (Per Person): – United States: $12,318 – Germany: $7,383 (40% lower than the U.S.) – France, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Japan (average): Approximately …

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Gene Therapy Drug Updates

September 4, 2023

Gene therapy drugs are pharmaceutical products designed to treat or alleviate genetic disorders by modifying or correcting the underlying genetic mutations that cause these conditions. Gene therapy involves introducing, altering, or repairing genetic material within a patient’s cells to address the root cause of a disease. There are different approaches and technologies used in gene …

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Update on the PBM Market

August 21, 2023

Last week, Blue Shield of California announced the end of a 15-year partnership with CVS Health’s pharmacy benefits manager Caremark, in favor of new partnerships to provide access to affordable prescription drugs. For now, Blue Shield is betting on a predicted $500M in annual savings by switching to Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drugs Company (MCCPDC) …

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Why Health Insurance Matters

August 7, 2023

Health insurance may not be the most exciting thing to shop for but it’s one of the most important things that you can buy for yourself and for your family.  Having health insurance has many benefits.  It protects you and your family from financial loss in the same way that home or car insurance does.  …

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The Impending Future of Long-Term Care

July 25, 2023

The Current Status In September 2021, Washington State had indeed taken the lead in establishing a state-run Long-Term Care (LTC) program funded by a payroll tax. The program is known as the Washington Cares Fund.   The Washington Cares Fund was signed into law in May 2021 and is intended to provide a benefit to …

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The Value of Offering Virtual Mental and Behavioral Health to Employees

July 18, 2023

In offering benefits such as a health insurance plan, an employer is looking to build trust and differentiate itself in the market for labor. Quality health coverage is important to employees since it impacts the health of themselves and their families. And strong benefits differentiate your job offer in the marketplace so prospective employees see …

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Information Is Power – Be an Informed Healthcare Consumer!

July 12, 2023

With health care costs on the rise, it’s more important than ever to take responsibility for your medical care choices. Asking questions and researching your options are good ways to start taking control of how much you spend on health care. Becoming an educated healthcare consumer is important for making informed decisions about your health and …

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The Trending Weight Loss Drugs

July 11, 2023

It seems like in every circle people are discussing the new weight loss drugs. At the Academy Awards Jimmy Kimmel cracked a joke during his opening monologue. “Everybody looks so great,” Kimmel said. “When I look around this room, I can’t help but wonder ‘Is Ozempic right for me?’” So, what are these popular & …

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The Importance of Health Insurance Coverage

June 19, 2023

For many consumers they don’t see the value of health insurance until they are sick. So as an employer and an advisor, it is important to market the benefit before it comes to the extremes. See below the importance of this high-cost benefit. Financial Protection: Health insurance provides financial protection against high medical costs. Medical …

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