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Data is the Key to Employers Health Care Cost Crisis

May 25, 2021

Yes, I’d like to understand my claims data and reduce my health care costs Over the past decade, health care spending has been rising year-over-year by 4.6 percent, with costs rising faster than the annual rate of inflation. Driven by rising health care costs, employers now offer high deductible health plans (HDHPs) at a much …

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How to Actually Give Employees a Real Pay Raise

May 19, 2021

For the average American worker, wages have barely increased over the last 40 years, according to the Economic Policy Institute. This is despite consistent productivity gains, leading to a decoupling between wages and productivity. This most significantly affects middle- and low-wage workers, despite the historical connection between productivity gains and income growth. There are many …

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Mental Health Awareness Month for Employers

May 12, 2021

Click here to discuss your workplace mental and behavioral health! We’re about halfway through Mental Health Awareness Month. Seeing as how employers provide health insurance to about half of American adults, we think it’s important for employers to think about their own role in the mental and behavioral health of their employees. With so much …

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4 Statistics About the Employer Health Care Crisis

May 5, 2021

American health care is in a crisis today. By most measures, we are getting a relatively average product even though we spend some of the most money in the world on it. Given that about half of Americans receive their health insurance coverage from the workplace and that costs are doubling every 10 years┬╣ for …

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