Wealth Management

The Essential C.A.R.E. Process for investors adheres to a continuous six step-process centered on a 360 degree view of our client’s current and future needs — the things they care most about. To help you achieve your financial goals, protect and enhance your quality of life, and fulfill the dreams you have laid out for yourself and your beneficiaries, we act as your advocates on the financial field of life.

Our job is to guide you through each significant life change with care, integrity, dedication and commitment.

Financial peace of mind comes from planning. Our system organizes your assets, investment strategies, and insurance and estate needs through consolidating and integrating every part of your financial life.

The Essential C.A.R.E. Process™ for investors provides:

  • Financial Plans
  • Asset Allocation Strategies
  • Account Aggregation (bank and brokerage accounts)
  • Storage for trust, tax, wills, and Insurance policy documents.

Our Commitment

Our goal at The LBL Group is to take the time to comprehend how you have accumulated your wealth whether it was through your retirement nest egg, savings, inheritance or real estate. We create a plan around your particular objectives and goals for your assets. It is our responsibility to manage your retirement through a conservative yet prudent approach as there is not one portfolio that is made for everyone.


Consolidation of accounts in one easy access point through a secure website, all accounts are updated daily, freeing your time to do your business or other family affairs.

Risk management through Asset Allocation

We start with your goals and objectives and then take great care to understand and clarify your tolerance for risk. To determine the asset allocation that is right for you, we explore the basic classifications of cash, bonds, stocks and real estate, and progresses by identifying sub-classes such as large company, small company and international stocks and sub-styles such as value, growth and hedged. All of these variables are combined to formulate an analysis and recommendations specific to you.

We believe it is critical to establish an asset allocation across all of your accounts in order to avoid “Overlap” where many of your accounts own the same type of investment. We make asset allocation recommendations after reviewing the holdings in each of our client’s existing investment accounts, including 401(k)’s IRA’s, and individual non-retirement accounts.

Manager Selection and Implementation

The LBL Group provides an independent, objective selection of investment managers to execute your asset allocation plan. Selection is based on the quality of the investment team, not the name of the firm. We use well-regarded consulting firms to identify specialist money managers.

To discuss your wealth management needs, email an LBL financial planner to schedule a convenient time to meet.