Senior Services

Senior Services

The LBL Group offers a unique set of services for clients who are approaching age 65 or those already there, including Medicare Plans, long-term care planning, retirement planning and Eldercare planning. As people approach milestones in their lives, they can turn to LBL as a trusted source for their important insurance and financial decisions. Our unique planning process coordinates Medicare, Social Security, Veterans Benefits, Medi-Cal and insurance to reduce or eliminate the cost of long-term care. We call this The Essential C.A.R.E Process.

The Essential C.A.R.E. Process provides three key benefits:

  • Creates peace of mind by reducing financial and emotional stress
  • Reduces the cost of care and preserves family assets
  • Serves as a guide to manage your extended care plan

Medicare Planning

Through Nautilus Insurance Services (a wholly owned subsidiary of The LBL Group) and The LBL Group, we provide Medicare plans to those eligible. Medicare provides basic coverage for hospital, skilled nursing facilities, doctor’s charges and prescription drugs. We can assist with enrollment into Medicare and provide supplemental coverage to pay deductibles and copayments through Medicare supplements and Medicare Advantage plans. Our services help families bridge “The Entitlement Gap” through planning and the coordination of products and services (Medicare for health care, Social Security for income and Medi-Cal for extended care). In addition, we offer Medicare Advantage plans including Medicare Part D (Drugs) and Medicare Supplemental Plans.

Long-Term Care Planning


Long-Term Care Insurance provides money to pay for extended care at home, in assisted living and in nursing facilities. The LBL Group represents multiple insurance companies and can assist in the selection of benefits to meet individual needs and budgets.

We offer long-term care insurance products (traditional and life insurance with long-term care features), long-term care financial planning (for the advanced aged including asset preservation), and final expense planning.

Eldercare and Advanced Age Planning

The LBL Group offers assistance with the selection and application for Medicare Supplemental plans that pay for medical care in hospitals, doctor offices, and for prescription drugs. We provide:

  • Assistance in the selection and application for Long-Term Care Insurance to pay for care and to protect assets.
  • Planning solutions for the advanced aged that reduce or eliminate the cost for care at home, in assisted living, or in nursing facilities by financial planning and asset protection in conjunction with or Veterans benefits or Medi-Cal LTC.
  • Resources and service for adult children of aging parents, Hospitals, discharge planners, doctors, elder law attorneys, CPA’s, home care agencies, and nursing facilities.