Medicare and Long Term Care

The LBL Group offers a unique planning process that coordinates Medicare, Social Security, Veterans Benefits, Medi-Cal and insurance to reduce or eliminate the cost of long term care. We call this The Essential C.A.R.E. Process.

The Essential C.A.R.E. Process provides three key benefits.

  • Creates peace of mind by reducing financial and emotional stress
  • Reduces the cost of care and preserves family assets
  • Serves as a guide to manage your extended care plan

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Medicare and Supplemental Plans

Medicare provides basic coverage for Hospital, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Doctors Charges and Prescription Drugs. The LBL Group can assist with enrollment into Medicare and provide Supplemental coverage to pay deductibles and copayments.

Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance provides money to pay for extended care at home, in assisted living and in nursing facilities. The LBL Group represents multiple insurance companies and can assist in the selection of benefits to meet individual needs and budget.

Long Term Care Financial Planning and Entitlement and Asset Protection Services

The LBL Group provides extended care planning for advanced aged persons by utilizing Medicare, Veterans Benefits, MediCal, and insurance for asset protection to reduce or eliminate the cost of care. We do not charge any fees for this service.

Our typical client is an adult child who is caring for an aging parent. We serve families of advanced age persons by providing planning solutions that help pay for extended care at home, in senior and assisted living, or in nursing facilities.

The LBL Group creates the financial plan which supports the lifestyle or care requirements of seniors and their families. For example, we can help our clients stay in their residence while maintaining independence, financial security, for as long as possible.

If the health continuum calls for a higher level of care, we assist with the reduction or elimination of nursing facility bills, the preservation of assets for the family, and the orderly distribution of assets to the estate.

Our Experience Includes

  • Help families bridge “The Entitlement Gap” through planning and the coordination of products, and services. (Medicare to cover healthcare, Social Security to provide income, and Medicaid/Medi-Cal (CA) to cover extended care in a skilled nursing facility)
  • Medicare and Supplemental Plans
  • Long Term Care Insurance Products
  • Long Term Care Financial Planning
  • Home Care and Assisted Living Planning
  • Reduction of Nursing Facility Bills
  • The ability to coordinate entitlements including: Medicare, Social Security, and MediCal to pay for extended care, visit ElderCareOnline.Net.
  • A resource for seniors to link with professional advisors and care providers such as Elder Law, home care, assisted living, and nursing facilities

Call Us Today for Your Free Consultation (800) 451-8037 and Ask for the Medicare and Long Term Care Department

Our Commitment

To provide an experience that exceeds the expectations of our clients and coordinate solutions that pay for extended care.

To act as a resource to link families with Essential Care Partners such as ElderCare Insurance Services, Elder Law Attorneys, Tax Planning Specialists, Care Managers, Home Care Agencies, Reverse Mortgage Lenders, Assisted Living and Nursing Facilities.

To builds relationships and engage families and partners by providing a long term solution.

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Testimonial: Medicare Supplement

“As a heart transplant recipient I am dependent on health insurance to cover my medical and prescription drug bills. My physician referred me to Dennis Sunderman to explore options that might improve coverage and reduce cost. Dennis was able to help me start Medicare under Social Security Disability since I am under age 65. He also arranged guaranteed acceptance into Medicare Supplemental coverage with no waiting period for pre-existing conditions. Dennis was able to improve my benefits and reduce my cost. Plus, I did not have any exclusion for my medical conditions.”

Erin E.

Long Beach, California

Testimonial: Medicare and Supplemental coverage

“I recently spent a couple of hours with Dennis Sunderman working on my health insurance coverage post employment as an Executive Vice President of a major bank. I have spent my entire life in financial services and feel qualified to judge people in the business. Dennis has impressed me as a professional who is careful, thoughtful, and dedicated to serving his clients. He is a credit to his profession.”

Tom R.

Newport Coast, California