Business Solutions

Business Solutions

The LBL Group can provide state-of-the-art tools and a host of other solutions that can boost your benefits and bolster your bottom line.
Because we are a national organization, The LBL Group creates unique benefit packages for companies that have locations in multiple states and can help employers who are relocating or expanding.

Employee Benefits

We take pride in the work we do every day by providing a full-service approach to all aspects of employee benefits consulting. Our array of global services include health plan risk management, employee benefits, Medicare and long-term care planning, disability, life and health, as well as other insurance, investment and wealth management services. We understand the importance of cost effective health coverage and believe healthcare is an essential, strategic asset in today’s competitive environment. Our goal is to help our clients take C.A.R.E. of the people essential to their success by providing affordable and accessible healthcare plans while ensuring the organization’s long-term goals are met.

Voluntary Benefits

Through the Essential C.A.R.E. Process, voluntary benefits (which are paid by the employee, not the employer) are designed to provide your employees with flexible protection to help meet a variety of needs throughout their lifetime. By providing cash benefits directly to the insured and their family, voluntary benefits enable the employees you care about to experience financial peace of mind when emergencies arise.

Our Expertise Includes

  • Helping employees understand the value of benefits offered by their employer
  • Simple, easy to start and maintain administration with ongoing support for employees only a phone call away
  • Ongoing support for human resources and benefit administration

Our unique analysis model provides health care data integration, analytics, and solutions. The power of this model comes from its ability to capture medical data. Rather than just depending on eligibility, prescription, and medical datasets, this solution adds vision, health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs), biometric, and lab data into its analysis. The result: a threefold greater accuracy in predicting next year’s health care cost drivers.

Communications and Enrollment

Our Benefit Communications bundle is a flexible program designed to help employee make the best benefit decisions, through assisting them with understand the value of their benefits along with important features, tools, and services. Improving your employees’ understanding of how to use all of their benefits is the value of good communication and enrollment. This value-added concept provides a wide variety of solutions tailored to specific employer needs in a variety of media.

The LBL Group’s Team of knowledgeable account managers and are available to assist with any benefit questions or concerns. Our services include annual Open Enrollment meetings, a bilingual benefits staff, and company branded benefits packages created by our in-house graphic designer to ensure your employees understand their benefits.

Administration and Technology

The LBL Group provides all clients with an advisory team who will help to administrate employer benefit plans and assist employees with any issues that may arise throughout the policy year. Your Advisory and Account Management Team will obtain plan related documents, review for accuracy prior to distribution, and assist to ensure compliance.

Enrollment and HR technology is typically outsourced, expensive and difficult to use. The LBL Group has changed that by putting you in control of your data and bringing the costs down so you can benefit from our easy to use technology.




At The LBL Group our motto is, “Living a Better Lifestyle”. We offer an array of wellness programs and benefits so you may provide your employees with the resources they need to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

Wellness benefits services include:

  • Wellness assessments
  • Personal Health Center and Healthy Living Programs
  • Programs to help improve employee health
  • A well-communicated program and survey
  • A well-rewarded program, tracking, and incentives
  • Reporting and optional service programs

Our commitment is to assist you in creating a work environment that promotes a culture of wellness with simple administration and support over the phone.

Health and Welfare Benefit Planning

Employers recognize that the cost of healthcare and its steep rate of increase are critical issues. The LBL Group works with employers to develop a comprehensive health management program designed to move individuals in your employee and dependent population to lower risk states, improve their health and productivity, and reduce the demand for high-cost health care.

Strategic Planning

The LBL Group assists clients with the design, implementation, and execution of Executive benefit plans. Our strategy includes the following:

  • Gaining an understanding of the organization’s culture, vision and goals
  • Review of current policies, programs, and past outcomes
  • Analysis of all of your organizational and employee needs
  • Customized and competitively priced proposals
  • Assessing industry standards and trends against best available benchmarks
  • Mid-year review with provider of plans and costs to plan for renewal

HR Resources

Aside from our administrative staff, The LBL Group provides all clients with live HR support through our in-house HR certified Compliance Officer. The service includes:

  • Regular HR and compliance newsletters
  • Immediate phone and e-mail support during business hours
  • Employee handbook review
  • Onboarding processes
  • Assistance and review of Health Care Reform processes and filings

Compliance and Healthcare Reform

Our in-house compliance team tracks Federal, State and local laws and regulations, as well as pending legislation that might influence each client’s health and welfare plans. We design and implement programs, policies, and practices to ensure that all clients’ plans are in full compliance with applicable regulations. We prepare easy-to-understand summary text of new and pending laws and regulations, which we communicate to you via email and other social media updates. The LBL Compliance Team stands ready to assist you with the following:

  • Federal legislation and mandates (including the Affordable Care Act)
  • State legislation and mandates
  • Municipal legislation and mandates
  • Insurance carrier mandates
  • Department of Labor requirements
  • California Department of Insurance requirements
  • Business Associate Agreements
  • Seminars, webinars, and email updates;
  • Meet with clients as needed
  • Review carrier contracts and policies for accuracy
  • Prepare IRS Form 5500 for health and welfare plans
  • Prepare Wrap SPD’s for health and welfare plans; and
  • Prepare Medicare Part D Notices (and other C.M.S. requirements)
  • PPACA Form filing assistance and training (1095/1094)

Retirement Services

The LBL Group’s Retirement Services help employers design, implement and manage effective and cost-efficient pension plans to help employees and executives take care of their future. These plans include 401(k) plans, Simple IRA plans, Profit Sharing plans, Safe Harbor plans, and Tax Sheltered Annuities.

Our Retirement Plan Services include:

  • Benchmarking fees, recordkeeping, compliance, technology services, communication and investments of service providers in one succinct report
  • Selecting and monitoring plan consultants
  • Assisting fiduciaries to monitor plan investments by providing Fiduciary Investment Reviews which incorporate both quantitative and qualitative factors in evaluating managers and their investment strategies
  • Investment Policy Statement review & monitoring
  • Ongoing investment advice & fiduciary oversight
  • Fiduciary guidelines overview
  • Plan design benchmarking
  • Compliance and education for plan sponsors
  • Customizing and implementing participant education and enrollment strategies
  • Plan sponsor and employee education newsletters

Executive Benefits

The LBL Group offers design, implementation and administration of nonqualified executive benefit plans for business owners, key employees and executives. This includes 162 Bonus Plans, Section 79 Bonus Plans and traditional deferred compensation plans. Typically, these plans provide tax deductive benefits to the businesses and may provide tax-free income to the owners/ employees at retirement.

In addition, we offer insurance-based wealth strategies for the affluent/ business owners. This always involves working with a tax attorney and CPA firm regarding the transition of business ownership and related estate planning issues that occur upon retirement or death. Our expertise is in providing the most cost effective insurance products for funding buy-sell agreements and potential estate tax obligations.


Compensation practice applies a holistic and continuous approach to working with clients to develop and implement tailored compensation strategies and plans. In order to construct a plan that is right for each client, we work closely with them to understand company business goals and objectives while conducting thorough research to gather all of the significant data necessary for our analysis. Our Essential C.A.R.E. Process includes Discovery and delivering a Blueprint evaluation. This process includes an evaluation of a  company’s existing programs and their effectiveness through external benchmarking of peer groups.  We will perform an analysis of overall competitiveness of total compensation, including annual and long-term incentives, and recommend appropriate base salary and incentive opportunities, equity ownership and retirement plans.

Each company should have a total compensation strategy that sets forth the company’s philosophy on issues such as:

  • Pay Positioning – level of compensation relative to competition
  • Pay Mix – balancing the appropriate mix of fixed pay (i.e. salary and benefits) and variable pay (i.e. short-term and long-term incentives)
  • Performance Measures – combination of financial, market and strategic performance measures
  • Performance Benchmarks – use of historical, projected or peer performance as standards of success
  • Key Cultural Objectives – rule of subjective measures

Our compensation partners provide value-added services to support compensation consulting. We recognize that disputes may arise regarding the interpretation of plan provisions. As such, our compensation partners provide expert witness testimony, opinions and litigation support.

Our partners have demonstrated excellence in litigation support activities representing corporations in legal disputes concerning compensation, equity, retirement, collective bargaining issues, and health and benefit matters for hourly and salaried employees, including preparation of expert reports and testimony.

Global Solutions

The LBL Group is committed to offering comprehensive benefit solutions to address both domestic and international needs of a company’s operations.

Our experts, working directly or through their carefully selected alliances, have assisted organizations in obtaining appropriate HR, employee benefits and travel protection insurance that meet the needs of employees and their families here in the United States or anywhere in the world.

To meet company needs throughout the world, LBL maintains active affiliations with international professional service organizations that enhance our ability to provide solutions to our client’s specific needs, anytime, anywhere.

Worldwide affiliations include ITG Worldwide and HTH Worldwide. Additionally, LBL works with domestic insurance companies including CIGNA International, Aetna International, HM International and specialty Lloyd’s members, as necessary.